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Rules & Guidelines of Qualeutex Lamb Producer Group


1. Bookings must be made through the coordinator for QualEUtex in order to qualify for bonus.

2. If ownership of the flock changes hands while a member please inform the coordinator so that we can make relevant changes & avoid any confusion.

3. If you cease to supply lambs for a period of in excess of 12 months it will be taken that you are no longer a member & you will have to reapply with associated costs which may be much more than the current 50 euros. The committee reserve the right to increase membership fees at any time.

4. There will be a charge of 30 cent per lamb applied which will be deducted from your cheque by Kepak on behalf of the group to cover our running costs.

5. Anyone found to be abusing the rules or any member of our committee will immediately be removed as a member & will not have their monies returned. They may apply to our Chairman if they want to challenge the decision where it will be brought before the committee for reconsideration. The decision of the committee shall be final & binding.

6. “N.B”, By signing the membership form it is taken that you have read & understood the above conditions & that you accept that proof is needed to verify that you have used a Texel or Beltex registered ram(s) for this seasons lambs. This may entail a brief on farm inspection at short notice by a representative sent on behalf of the QualEUtex lamb producer group where insufficient details are provided. The same applies for next year & subsequent years if you wish to remain a member.

Supply Period & Weight Bands

7. Only lambs killing out U2, U3, E2 & E3 within specified weight ranges will qualify for the bonus. A list of weight bands & supply periods will be included with this membership form as a guide.

8. All lambs not qualifying for a bonus will be paid in accordance with Athleague pricing applicable on the day.

9. Bonus to be paid in addition to Athleague base price for R3 lambs on day of slaughter. R3 base price will be the average price paid to farmers for that grade on the day.

10. Bonuses will only paid on lambs which are not bought through existing producer group arrangements with Kepak.

April 1st to May 31st 16.0kg to 20.5kg

June 1st to July 31st 16.0kg to 21.0 kg

August 1st to August 30th 16.0 kg to 21.5kg

September 1st to November 30th 16.0kg to 22.0kg

December 1st to Easter 16.0 kg to 23.0kg

General Conditions

11. While as a producer group we currently cannot provide transport for group members but we will be drawing up a list of hauliers in different regions where we feel there is demand. (cost of transport at suppliers expense) This list will be made available to members via our Facebook page or by text where requested. We may be able to put you in contact with other suppliers close by where shared transport could be arranged.

12. Where group lambs are coming from the Kepak, Hacketstown assembly centre they will be carried free of charge to Athleague by the processor.

13. Prices will be posted on our Facebook page every Thursday for the following Monday when available.

14. Secure lairage facilities are available in the factory premises if one wishes to drop lambs off the evening before slaughter.

15. A group facilitator will be on hand on mornings of slaughter from time to time to inspect lambs being sent in through the group.

16. It is advisable where other lambs not sired by Texel or Beltex rams are on a consignment that you put them on a separate dispatch docket as they will otherwise be charged at 30 cent per head which shall be non refundable. You must mark your applicable dispatch docket with QualEUtex & your membership number alongside your name in the box on top left corner of the dispatch docket. You should write your membership number on the front cover of your dispatch book for safekeeping.

17. The group will not take responsibility for any mistakes made by the supplier nor will they take responsibility for any animal sent in through the group which may die in transport or in the lairage. Neither will the group take responsibility if an animal is condemned or partially condemned.

18. Normal Dept. of Agric rules apply in relation to use of medicines in animals entering the food chain prior to slaughter. 

Membership Form

Chairman: T J Gormley.

Secretary: Lorraine Brennan.

Treasurer: Catherine McDonnell

Coordinator: Donal Mee

Contact us at Facebook/qualeutex Or phone Donal at 0862254932 weekdays 6 – 8 pm

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